Architectural and Building

iPlastics Building Applications

Endless options and superb performance make Iplastics CAST an ideal choice for architectural applications. Iplastics CAST displays excellent optical qualities and at half the weight of glass and superior impact resistance  makes it a perfect choice for glazing, skylights and

Furniture and Accessories

iPlastics Furniture Applications

Superior transparency and excellent formability combined with thicknesses up to 200mm, a wide range of finishes and colours make Iplastics CAST a leading choice for designers of furniture and accessories. Iplastics CAST is easily cut, machined and formed to create any shape.

Display and Store Fixtures

iPlastics Display Applications

Incorporating colour, light, whether in translucence or transparent form, and light-diffusing grades, point-of-purchase (POP) and store displays will attract attention and look stunning when designed with Iplastics CAST. This includes advertising displays, shelving and accessories using glossy or matte finishes

Exhibits and Tradeshows

iPlastics Exhibits Applications

The right colour, shape and lighting will attract attention, emphasizing your product or service proposition. Iplastics CAST versatile nature  will complement other materials to create stunning exhibition stand designs. Iplastics CAST offers a wide array of colours and finishes such

Traffic Noise Control

iPlastics Noise Control Applications

Iplastics CAST SOUND BARRIER sheet products have been successfully used in transparent noise barriers along roads and railways. The excellent optical qualities maintain natural outlook for the road user while providing noise reduction for the community. APT Plastics CAST SOUND BARRIER

Aquariums and Specialty Glazing

iPlastics Aquariums Applications

Sea life can inspire our deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world.  In the past, this experience has been limited to divers and submarines but now a new generation of aquarium attractions have provided all the enjoyment  for old

Signage Applications

iPlastics Signage Applications

Signage is now, more than ever, becoming commonplace in retail stores, airports, hotel lobbies. They direct us, remind us and sometimes even inspire us to make decisions each day. Iplastics CAST Acrylic gives signage a modern image and sophisticated look and