Coloured Acrylic Sheets

Coloured Acrylic Sheets

High weathering resistance Easy to process, shape and bond Customised coloured service Mainly used in the Signage industry Colour the master ingredient! In creating the mood, making a statement or highlighting valuable features, colour can work in countless ways. It can emphasise design, capture the …

Block Sheeting

Maximum thickness is 250mm Used in the Aquarium field and special demands Our special Cast Block gives designers and architects maximum design potential for projects. Through our advanced acrylic casting process, we produce Cast Block up to 250mm thickness. Unlike multiple laminated acrylic sheet, our …

Laser Engraving Material

iPlastics Laser Engraving Material

    Router Material Gold / Black – 600mm*1200mm* 1.3mm Silver /Black – 600mm*1200mm* 1.3mm Laser Material Red/White – 600mm*1200mm* 1.3mm Black/White – 600mm*1200mm* 1.3mm Gold/Black – 600mm*1200mm* 1.3mm Silver/Black – 600mm*1200mm* 1.3mm


iPlastics Plexiglas

Extruded Acrylic sheet Clear sheet: 3mm – 8mm Sizes: 2050mm * 3050mm Colored sheet Thickness and color available as requested