Furniture and Accessories

iPlastics Furniture Applications

Superior transparency and excellent formability combined with thicknesses up to 200mm, a wide range of finishes and colours make Iplastics CAST a leading choice for designers of furniture and accessories.

Iplastics CAST is easily cut, machined and formed to create any shape. Whether a coffee table, shelving or dining chairs, Iplastics CAST offers a wide choice of contemporary acrylic sheet materials to design your interior.

Acrylic furniture makers love the optical quality of Iplastics CAST to create unique furniture pieces.


Available in clear or an array of colours in high gloss or matte finishes. Iplastics CAST BLOCK comes in thicknesses up to 200mm giving furniture makers a wider scope of design possibilities.


  • Easy to work with, it can be bonded, moulded, thermoformed and cut to just about any shape or size with conventional tools, making it the ideal for applications where a more complex design is required.
  • Acrylic sheeting is hardwearing and impact resistant
  • Lightweight, Iplastics acrylic sheets weigh less than half of a glass sheet the same size