Transparent Sheeting

  • Light transmission better than glass (>93%)
  • Used in various fields, mainly used in displays

High Gloss sheets in clear are highly transparent and colourless, with an optical transparency of 93% light transmission.

This quality in addition to other acrylic sheet properties such as weather, chemical and break resistance makes them an extremely popular choice for applications that require see-through material like aquariums, sound barriers and ATM screens.

Transparent-Acrylic-Sheet.jpgAvailable Sizing

From 1250mm x 1850mm Up to 3050mm x 2050mm

Available Thickness

Standard range from 2mm up to a thickness of 80mm

Blocks are available from 100mm to 200mm, subject to special conditions. (Also see Product Range: Block Sheeting)

Special sizes can be produced to special order, subject to special conditions.